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Wonder: The Science and Soul Behind Our Most Powerful Emotion and Why the World Needs More of It Now is an antidote to a move-fast-and-break-things world, buckling under the pressures of social upheaval and a paralyzing pandemic.

Art, music, religion, politics, science, nature, love, fear, birth, death; each of the myriad experiences that compress to form the bedrock of human life has a golden vein of wonder running through it and yet wonder is only now being scientifically defined and explored in earnest.

Wonder is the first book to introduce this concept and its power to transform the way we learn, develop new ideas, drive social change, and ultimately become better humans.



Wondercast takes listeners on a multidisciplinary journey through psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, literature, and business to share some of the surprising secrets of this little-understood emotion.

Listeners will learn how to harness wonder for wellbeing, examples of how wonder transforms bodies and brains, and practical tips and tools to become more wonder-prone. Tackling some of the most relevant issues of our time such as stress, overwork, resiliency, ethics, and empathy, the podcast shares with listeners the science and soul of the most positively impactful emotion, wonder, and how people can use it to lead happier, healthier, and more meaningful lives.

Wondercast - a podcast by Monica Parker

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About Monica Parker

Wonder and Wondercast come from globally recognized author, speaker, and founder of change consultancy HATCH, Monica Parker, who spent years researching, observing, and diving deep to help others discover how to lead and live wonderfully. From working with inmates on death row to exploring the resiliency of post-Troubles Belfast, Monica grew passionately curious about uncovering the key to people’s ability to be buoyant and adaptable to change.

Monica Parker WONDER

A world-renowned authority on the future of work, Monica Parker is a regularly sought-after contributor to radio, television, and written media. She’s spent the last ten years writing, speaking, and helping people discover how to find deeper meaning and purpose in their work lives. She is the founder of global human analytics and change consultancy HATCH, advising blue chip clients such as LinkedIn, Google, Prudential, LEGO, and others on organizational change.

Through this work of transformation, she has identified wonder as the most powerful, and yet least understood catalyst. Monica is passionate about sharing this idea with others as a gift to an unravelling world.